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Risk-adjusted returns and client's understanding of their portfolios is our top priority.

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Where "Optionality Has Value" ™

About Us


Goydas Capital Investment Management is a registered investment advisor specializing in the valuation of companies and their securities in order to benefit our clients' investment portfolios. We offer active portfolio management, financial planning and pension consulting services to individuals, families, and businesses.

Unlike other firms, our investment advisors are available seven days a week. We eat, breath, and sleep what we do. It's our passion. We go one step further with our research than most investment advisors...we purchase the goods, use the services and visit the locations of companies in which we invest to get our own take on how things are going.


We discover for ourselves:

  • What makes this company different from others in the same industry?

  • What are their competitive advantages?

  • What are their weaknesses?

  • Why is this company's securities undervalued or overvalued in the market? 

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Our Services


Portfolio Management

We offer ongoing portfolio management services based on the individual goals, objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance of each client. We do intensive due diligence on companies, sectors, and industries in which we invest our client's money. We allocate capital based upon finding mispriced securities in the market in order to achieve uncorrelated returns with the global indices.

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Financial Planning

Financial plans and financial planning may include, but are not limited to: investment planning, life insurance, tax concerns, retirement planning, college planning, and debt/credit/cash flow planning. Whether you are just beginning to save and invest or you are nearing retirement, we can help you become financially prepared for the future with our expertise in financial planning and the tools we have available. If you have experienced a recent life change such as marriage, birth of a child, a new job, etc., we can help you organize your finances and make a plan for you to get on track with your goals.

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Pension Consulting Services

Goydas Capital Investment Management offers consulting services to pension or other employee benefit plans (including but not limited to 401(k) plans). Pension consulting may include, but is not limited to:

  • Identifying investment objectives and restrictions.​

  • Providing guidance on various asset classes and investment options.

  • Monitoring performance of investment options and making recommendations for changes.

  • Recommending other service providers, such as custodians, administrators and broker-dealers.

  • Creating a written pension consulting plan.


These services are based on the goals, objectives, demographics, time horizon, and/or risk tolerance of the plan and its participants.

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